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One of interface graphic designs strong suits is in-house illustration. Marrin Sampson, owner and designer, has strong roots in fine arts as well as graphic design. She has the capabilities of providing illustration for logo design, products, portraits, structures, cartoons, and whimsical characters.

Big Sky Edibles Logo
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Logo Design

Logo design is where it all begins. Your logo is the focal point for all of your promotions. It is your image, your voice and your brand. Interface Graphic Design takes great care in the process of creating this image for their clients.

Consistently "branding" all of your products, services, literature, brochures with your logo will make you stand out from other companies. Since your logo is uniquely you, your brand will allow your customer and potential customer to easily identify your products, services and company simply based on the look of your logo design.

Marrin works with you to design a strong, identifyable logo that works with your company's mission and vision as well as strongly identifies it to others.


NAPP Landscape Services 2-sided Business Card, front and back
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Business Cards

So you have a logo. Your next step should be a business card. A business card is a uniquely personal identifier, It usually comes with a handshake and a personal meeting. You are literally eye-to-eye with potential business. There is no better time to make a great first impression than with your business card.

Let our catalog of successful business card designs to inspire you. Then let us create yours so you can get your brand into potential clients' hands.

Tri-Fold Brochure for Breckenridge Associates Real Estate with pockets for inserts
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Create a showcase for your business, product or service.

Whether it is a standard tri-fold, a pocket folder, or a unique non-standard format your brochure should be impressive to the reader and draw clients to you. A good print brochure will show off your products or services in an attractive and intelligent manner.

It should be colorful, informational and make things easy for your customers to understand what is is you have to offer them and how best to proceed. The design should draw your customers to your content in an interesting and exciting way so that the end result is an increased understanding of your business and services.

Let Interface Graphic Design help you create the perfect brochure to highlight your products and services in a way that will drive business to your company!


Reverend Sandi's Sinful Stout label with bottle
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Make your product literally leap off the shelf!

Proper label design will attract your customer's eye among many other similar products next to it on a store shelf. We can design a label that will not only present your product with pizazz, but will also establish it as superior in the shoppers mind.

With a unique label created by Interface Graphic Design, your product will get the notice it needs.

Oskar Blues Grill &amp Brew menu
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Every restaurant needs a well-organized attractive menu.

Let us help you take the stress out of this task and present you with a menu design that will help your customers make hard choices easy. And, at the same time, create a format that will showcase your menu items in an appealing and appetizing way.

Want to push something that is really special? Let Interface Graphic Design make it easy to recognize right away, so the orders fly in for your most important products.

Reelock Bicycle security lock package with brochure and return mailer
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Package Design

So you need a box?

Your product should be contained in something that will be practical enough for display in a store; eye-catching enough to stand out from similar products; and easy for the shopper to understand that your product is the one they really want and need. Interface Graphic Design can make you packaging that will make it easy for your customers to find your product.

I Wonder Why, Children's Book
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Marrin Sampson is a classically-trained artist. Her considerable abilities can put you in the forefront when you are looking for illustration. The imagery that she creates will go a long way to enhance your uniqueness.

Whether it is in the form of a logo, label, or poster the results are exceptional. She will also create line art from your photographs of products when it is necessary to simplify product details for display in a brochure or on a website. She has many years of experience in creating illustrations for her clients. Let Marrin's considerable training and experience work for you.

Marrin works in several diverse mediums with mastery and the results do speak for themselves.


BlackJack Pizza direct mailer
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Other Promotions

There are many reasons to use our talents, such as promotional post cards, greeting card designs, direct mail pieces, flyers, door-hangers and building ornamentation. Going door-to-door? Providing a service to homes? Our door hangers can provide instant communication. Do you want to help your customers celebrate the holidays or their birthdays? Greeting cards make the message uniquely you and allow you to promote your business, too. Direct mail can get you instant customers by showing up in their mail boxes with a special offer.

Let Interface Graphic Design provide you with the tools you need.


Taste of the Blues
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For high-impact advertising or for signage in a mixed-use space, posters are perfect for providing a compelling message. Interface Graphic Design can make posters of any size, sure to catch the attention of everyone with graphics and images that get your message out and drive awareness.

Your next poster should be designed by Interface Graphic Design. Contact us to see how easy that is.