Fine Art

Marrin will happily create a painting or illustration for you using any of the following mediums. She will also sell any of the following illustrations as Gicleé Prints on paper or stretched canvas.

For more information, please contact Marrin.

Still life with books, candle, fruit and lace
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Colored pencil

Marrin has created many of her illustrations for herself and clients including unique but realistic portraits of homes as well as whimsical illustrations for children's books in this medium.

Colored Pencil has the advantage of being wet or dry since the pigments in these pencils are oil-based, they may be used with turpentine to create solid colored areas!

Marrin does take commissions and does artwork based on description, photographs and other art.

Contact Marrin for prints, commissions and other information.



Echo and Seal, two beautiful tabby cats
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Marrin has created many Pet Portrait illustrations for clients using just a few pencils. "I love to create different textures with shades of gray, also finding the highlights and shadows with the touch of a graphite pencil."

Marrin also does people portraits using graphite as well.


Multicolored closeup of a dragonfly
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Watercolor is one of Marrin's favorite fine art mediums. "Watercolor is fluid and moving—color moving within water. There are so many different ways to work with this medium—both wet and dry. I love the fluid nature of the color and layers that are created with wet color over dry. Sometimes I introduce pastels into a dry watercolor painting I am working on to bring out some new texture and detail or to increase the saturation of a color—this then becomes a mixed media piece."

Marrin is currently working on many pieces that she will offer for sale as standard-sized Gicleé Prints suitable for framing. Please contact Marrin for more information.