About Interface Graphic Design, Inc.

Tango and Toots, Watercolor by Marrin SampsonOpened in July, 1999

Owner and designer, Marrin Sampson employs all of her tools and skills in computer software, photography, illustration, and painting to illuminate designs suited for any purpose whether personal or professional.

Having attended the University of Arkansas and graduating with BA in Fine Arts plus a teaching certificate she furthered her education when accepted into the summer program at the Aspen Art Institute. Subsequently, she was also accepted into the graduate program at the UofA the following fall, which she attended as a teaching assistant. Following this, she relocated to Colorado and worked as a graphic designer for various publications as well as on a freelance basis.

A design firm as well as a print broker

Marrin has melded her rich knowledge of the print trades with her abilities in graphic design and talent in the fine arts to create a business that can handle all of your design needs both for business and personal applications.

As you navigate through this website you will find a variety of design applications. Under GRAPHICS you will discover logos, labels, posters, menus, package designs, letterhead stationary, and other promotional items. Under ARTWORK you will find, Illustration for Design and Fine Art (personal paintings and drawings).

Signed and numbered Giclee prints from the Fine Arts Collection are available for sale Simply contact Marrin for details.